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of PE plastic 

regenerated every year



National and European Projects


RAL Gmbh

'Reichs-Ausschuss fÜr Lieferbedingungen'

“Der Blaue Engel” was born in 1978 in Germany as the very first Eco-Label in the world.

The well-known experience of the "German Federal Environmental Agency" and then RAL Gmbh assign the prestigious “Blauer Engel” brand, synonymous with high standards of all the Companies authorized to expose this brand on their products.

Consortium C.A.R.P.I

Italian Independent Plastic Recycling Consortium

The Consortium C.A.R.P.I. - Italian Independent Plastic Recycling Consortium - was established in August 2007 from the will of some entrepreneurs to bring together the major Italian Companies operating in the plastic waste recycling sector from secondary and tertiary products and packaging, coming from private surfaces.

The aggregation of these Companies within the Consortium C.A.R.P.I. is also due to the vision and commitment of Gianfranco Picinali, founder of Nuova Gandiplast SRL, and former President of the Consortium itself.


EuCertPlast aims to identify recycling Companies who follow high standards

EuCertPlast is a European project that promotes the environmental friendly plastics recycling process. EuCertPlast focuses on the tracking of plastic materials and on the quality of the recycled content inside the final product. EuCertPlast wants to increase the transparency of the European plastic industry and to establish a common audit regime as well as the best recycling and trading practices.

Pia Corepla

PIA is a network of plants that has an agreement with COREPLA

Active member plants receive post-consumer plastic waste from Companies that respect specific quality conditions. These plants properly sort all the plastic waste and recycle them.


Nuova Gandiplast SRL is certified UNI EN ISO 14001 and UNI EN ISO 9001 

TÜV Italia is an independent body for certification, inspection, testing and training, which offers certification services regarding quality, energy, environment, safety, product and much more.

Nuova Gandiplast SRL is certified UNI EN ISO 14001 from March 2013 and UNI EN ISO 9001 from February 2018. These Certifications are very important for Nuova Gandiplast SRL because they can lead the Company to new markets and possibilities.

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