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of PE plastic 

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Sustainability Report

Two similar Companies with the same economic results can have very different impacts on the Environment. The “Sustainability Report” takes into account several aspects: environmental impacts, training & education, benefits, territorial aspects, emissions, use of water, energy efficiency...and much more.

Since there isn’t any official regulation on this subject, each Company can decide what to include in its own “Sustainability Report”, always considering the “Comply or Explain” concept: Companies make their own policies known in terms of sustainability, otherwise they will have to justify the reasons why they did not treat some specific aspects. Nuova Gandiplast SRL works interacting with all its Stakeholders such as employees, citizens, institutions, customers, suppliers, all sensitive and attentive players.

In 2023, in addition to the internal sustainability report visible alongside, Nuova Gandiplast has also drafted a 'Sustainability Report 2022 – Global Reporting Initiative'. The report has been prepared according to the 'Global Reporting Initiative' standard, for which Bureau Veritas has overseen the pre-assurance. It is possible to download the initial part of the report HERE. To request the complete document available in Italian, we invite you to send a detailed email to ''.

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