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of PE plastic 

regenerated every year




The raw material used is post-consumer LDPE granule (UNI 10667-2:2010). Nuova Gandiplast SRL manufactures its products in accordance with the UNI EN 13592:2017 standards. The products are packed in cardboard boxes that are put on trackable pallets. Each pallet is covered with a protective stretchable transparent plastic film.


LITERS     20 to 750

WIDTH     from 450mm to 1450mm

LENGTH     from 450mm to 2000mm

THICKNESS     from 20μ to 150μ

Each color can be “transparent” or “covered”

Articles can be 100% customized with prints, printed paper bands and accessories

Guaranteed technical performance


Nuova Gandiplast SRL can test the mechanical and elastic properties of its final products, the color conformity and the bottom sealing resistance. With a micrometer it is possible to verify the exact thickness, while the weight per linear meter can be checked with a millesimal balance.

Physical properties

Ball-Drop e  Dynometer

In order to verify the physical properties of the final products Nuova Gandiplast SRL can also do the following tests:

  • “Ball-Drop”: bags are filled with a certain weight that changes on the base of the thickness of the film and then they are dropped. This procedure permits to check the bags’ impact resistance and their lateral brake resistance after a free fall.

  • “Dynometer Test” verifies the vertical tensile strength of the film.

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