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of PE plastic 

regenerated every year



100%  of plastic scraps sorted in Italy

Environmental class Plastic Eco

Village:  A +

PEV 2013

0.918 tons of CO2 emitted per ton of final product

PEV 2013

Less than 90g of waste for kg of R-LDPE granule produced

Data media 2014/2020


“Environmental Responsibility” is a primary target for Nuova Gandiplast SRL. Approximately 6000 tons of polyethylene bags are produced every year, fully manufactured with post consumer PE.

Environmental performance

“Environmental Performances” are a group of values, details and any documented information that represent the relationship between Nuova Gandiplast SRL and the Environment, in accordance with the period and the area in which the Company works, as well as with the targets that the Company itself has set.

Starting from the examination of the "Life Cycle" of its products, Nuova Gandiplast Srl aims to the re-use of is products (Circular Economy) instead of throwing them away (Linear Economy).
The success of the "Environmental Responsibility " also depends on the positive cooperation of all Nuova Gandiplast SRL's Stakeholders.

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