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of PE plastic 

regenerated every year



Production cycle

Raw material

The raw materials used for the production cycles of Nuova Gandiplast SRL are made of "post-consumer" polyethylene packaging scraps coming from industrial and commercial waste collected on private surfaces.


The network of external collectors is fundamental for the Company: specialized Companies that collect and sort waste coming from private users. A homogeneous raw material, better selected, sorted and well packed (exclusively on bales), means more value for the Circular Economy and for the player Companies in this sector.


Nuova Gandiplast SRL successfully manages a consolidated group of collectors, always aiming to continuous improvements and to the best production efficiency. Thanks to an accurate delivery planning, inspections on scraps during unloading, separation and storage of different materials, the regeneration process can start.

The bales of pressed plastic scraps are taken from the storage areas and prepared for the production process: they are opened in order to remove all the alien substances that are approximately 5%-8%.

The processing of the raw material consists of:

  • Volume reduction of polyethylene scraps with a cutter and a rotating blade mill.

  • Dynamic washing with rotating washing machines and tanks to separate alien residues.

  • Drying with dynamic centrifuge, continuous press and agglomerator.

Recovery and regeneration process




If requested, the film is customized with prints and then it is cut and sealed in order to obtain bags of different sizes, thicknesses, colors and features. The bags are finally packed in rolls or in bundles.


The regenerated granule is then extruded in order to produce the LDPE film tube.


The final products, customized on the base of the customers’ needs, are packed in boxes with carton labels and then put on trackable pallets that are delivered to the customers.


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