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of PE plastic 

regenerated every year



This was the spark that gave birth to the idea of recycling, regenerating and reusing plastic materials, in particular Low Density Poly-Ethylene (LDPE).


The beginnings were not simple: the very first machines designed for recycling were little more than prototypes, therefore it was made up for with improvements, adaptations, components and integrations of design and internal construction made in economy.


In 1973 Gandiplast begins, develops and progressively improves the recovery and recycling process starting from its internal waste and then gradually opening the reception of plastics from the outside.

Fede & Gianfranco Picinali

Moving among the several textile Companies of the Valley, the two founders of Gandiplast Gianfranco Picinali and Fede wondered about the final destination of all the plastic scraps dismissed from textile productions.

This was the spark that illuminated the idea of reusing plastic materials and in particular low density polyethylene (LDPE) by recycling and regenerating them.


Gandiplast SRL moves its first steps inside the historical establishment Lanificio Fratelli Maccari (1886) by producing bags for the packaging of Val Gandino textile products, a very flourishing sector that will keep growing until the end of the late 90’s.


At the beginning it wasn’t easy: the very first recycling machineries were little more than prototypes. They had been gradually improved with many adjustments and self-constructed components.

This modus operandi, together with a washing plant and thanks to continuous improvements over the years, have led to the current result: final products with an excellent quality-price ratio recognized by the main European players in the sector.


In 1973 Gandiplast SRL began, developed and progressively improved the recycling process starting from its own scraps and then gradually receiving plastics from the outside.

Who we are

Gandiplast SRL was founded in 1965 as an individual artisan Company and it changed its corporate structure over the years, until it recently became Nuova Gandiplast SRL.


Gandiplast takes its first steps inside the historic Lanificio Fratelli Maccari factory (ca 1886) initially producing envelopes, bags and sacks for the packaging of textile products in Val Gandino, a flourishing and continuously growing sector until about the end of the years' 90

The recycling and regeneration dynamics, carried out in the production process of Nuova Gandiplast Srl, transform plastic and post-consumer plastic waste into secondary raw materials and subsequently into sacks and bags of various shapes, colors with customized prints and accessories for separate waste collection. urban.

Final product

The products of Nuova Gandiplast SRL are exported in:

The recycling and regeneration process carried out by Nuova Gandiplast SRL turns plastic waste and post-consumer plastic scraps into second raw material and then into bags for the collection of urban waste of different sizes and colors, with customized prints and accessories.

Nuova Gandiplast srl products are marketed in

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