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of PE plastic

regenerated every year



Emission abatement systems

“ Our biggest challenge in this new Century is to adopt an idea that seems abstract: Sustainable development ”

'Kofi Annan'

In 2010 Nuova Gandiplast SRL began a process of odor and emissions reduction by installing the first active carbon filtration plant. In 2013 the Company installed a technological advanced MonaShell® Biofiltration plant.

Odor and emissions reduction

In April 2016 Nuova Gandiplast SRL set up an additional air purification plant, in order to completely eliminate any residual emission. Every emission meets the parameters established by law and by current environmental regulations.

Air purification plant

The whole emissions treatment system of Nuova Gandiplast SRL filters about 50,000 m3/hour. Local Authorities impose regular analysis on the Company. Moreover, all components are subject to regular documented maintenance certified by external Institutions.

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